We like to jam, too

The idea for Fretastic began when we got sick of relying on outdated websites and static pictures of scales, chords, fretboard diagrams, etc.. Being developers, we decided we could produce a better experience for learning guitar.

We have many more plans in the future, but hopefully what we've produced so far will be valuable to everyone who uses it!

  • Gary Simon-Founder

    Gary Simon


  • Jørgen Andersen-Co-Founder

    Jørgen Andersen


  • @SmallTuna-Guitarist & Consultant


    Guitarist & Consultant

We'd like to give a special shoutout to  The Guitar Discord Server  for helping us test the app.

You can reach us by  sending us an email.

Install fretastic on your iPhone:
ios nav action icon and then
"Add to homescreen"